Frequently Asked Questions

01. What do you teach in this course?

We teach you basic hardware repairs, including LCD and digitizer replacement, charging port issues, soldering, water damage repair, microphone/headphone issues, and more.

02. Do you teach repairs for tablets as well?

We teach hardware repairs for both phones and tablets.

03. Do you teach repairs for Android and Apple devices?

Yes, we teach hardware repairs for both Android and Apple devices.

04. What do I get as part of the course?
As part of the course, we give you hands-on hardware repairs training on phones and tablets. After you complete the course, we will provide you with a certificate of completion, job placement help if you’d like, and a business plan to help you start your own repair business.

05. Will you give me contacts where I can buy parts from?
Yes, in your graduation packet, you will receive a list of reputable parts wholesalers. You will also receive other contacts such as where you can sell broken LCDs, etc.

06. Will I be able to do all repairs after this course?
This course is meant as an introduction to the world of cell phone and tablet repairs. The course will give you a clear understanding of the inner-workings of electronic devices. how the components are laid out. You will learn to diagnose what the issue is and how to replace or fix the non-working part when something is broken. The course will give you the confidence to open a device in an organized and methodical manner, work on the issue and put the device back together. Back at your shop, you will build upon this foundation and continue to gain experience through regular practice before you can successfully do “all” repairs.

07. Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we offer various discounts such as follows. However, discounts can not be combined.

08. Bring a friend or two, and everyone gets 10% discount.
10% discount for seniors, veterans or high-school/college students. (Valid ID will be required) 10% discount for customers and staff of CellSmart POS.

09. I will be driving there. Is parking available?
Yes, we do have parking available.

10. What are the timings of the class and is there a break for lunch?
The classes are held from 11AM to 5PM. There will be one short break for you to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and enjoy our complimentary refreshments such as coffee, tea, water and soda and munch on donuts or cookies.

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